Saturday, 14 June 2014

Last night I was thinking how my whole life,  my height has influenced people's view of me. And in fact how I see myself. Sometimes using it to my advantage . It's the first thing you notice about me.  I'm 4foot10 inches. People comment  or tease about it because they are comfortable doing so... I'm very approachable. Sometimes comments are very funny...
I'll start with the funniest.
My son and his family moved to Guatemala for the first 3 years of my grandson, Blaise's life. When they returned just before his third birthday he said to me on his first morning at breakfast, " your little" then holding is fingers close together and looking through them , " your this small" out of the mouth of. Babes!
I decided to actually blog about this for real because there are daily experiences. Half an hour ago I was in the grocery store walking I front of an aisle and a very tall big guy almost ran into me . He stopped short " whoa! I didn't see you!" I 'm sure tall people have their own issues.
Ok, here's a few issues:
Grocery shelves are so high! Seriously I always have to wait for a taller person to happen by to help me.
Size 5 shoes.... Always on the top shelf... How many tall people do you know with size 5 feet?
The lack of size 5 shoes in shoe stores! Although I do manage to find plenty... My closets can attest to that!
Drivers seats don't adjust we'll enough, I sit too close to the steering wheel , if the airbag goes off I'm toast!
I have to hem all my pants atleast 5 inches!
I have to drag a stool around my kitchen to get to the upper cupboards.
My work place is not set up ergonomic ally for short people.
Now here's a list of comments I get as a cashier at Costco:
"Are you standing in a hole?"
" are you sitting down"
"You need a stool"
Some very kind comments when they are concerned that I have to stretch to reach the receipt 100s of times a day.

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  1. Well, you know, at 5'2.5" I am a giant next to you, bur also have the same problems with grocery shelves, cupboards at home, and reaching the gas pedal. My grandmother was 4'9" and my mother was 5' and my daughter is 5'8", so we seem to breeding this short gene out!!