Thursday, 19 June 2014

Me. The Health Nut

I'm all revved up because my daughter , Saison and her two kids , Abby and Ayla are coming to visit this weekend because Dad has a conference.  When ever I'm going to get a visit I start thinking about what food I can make that they especially like. Saison has always loved coconut cream pie. Ayla, can't have milk. ....My mind started it's usual  goofy gamut of ideas. AH! I'll make a coconut cream pie with coconut milk and to top it off I also have coconut oil and coconut sugar!  Seems the new rage is the health benefits of everything coconut. The planet is nuts for coconut.
Anyway, I made some coconut cream tarts with all  of the above...they look kind of ...strange because coconut sugar is brown...but it tastes real good...if I can figure it out I'll put some photos....maybe of the girls enjoying them...(or not ....ha ha , they may have to close their eyes and ignore the brown colour)
Anyway, as I was making the tarts I got thinking of my new thing...blogging and about how I might share my love of eating, creating, and serving foods that are nutritious....and when this love began.
I'll tell you when it began!
When I discovered that I was expecting my first born, Zaak. I started pouring over nutrition books and how to take care of this little person that would be in my care.
I made sure that I ate properly to nourish this little being inside me.
This mind set  stayed with me through all my 3 pregnancies and child rearing.
My kids tease me now about how they used to think it was a sin to eat white they would open their lunch bags at school and see my heavy thick sliced homemade bread with peanut butter and honey sandwiches soaked with juice that had leaked out of the bottles that I had reused.Then  look longingly at their classmates wonder bread and baloney sandwiches and juice boxes.
I'm sure they appreciate me now.....I mean, they are all healthy...and well as their off've never seen such amazing grandchildren. ....I'll save that subject for another blog.
However it all continues....the teasing.
 I don't mind. It's all meant in love.
I just cry myself to sleep  after ward...
I know some of the food is strange and isn't as delectable as its less nourishing counterparts.
Take my black bean brownies for instance. You can't even tell there's black beans in them!  Oh sure the texture is a bit different from delicious fudgey brownies ...and the gas produced is ...definitely different.
BUT....they are high in protein and fibre, so that makes it all worth while.
Now I'm a cashier at Costco...and I see what people choose. The body builders with the chicken, egg whites, spinich, bla bla bla., the heavy weights with the chips, pop, fast foods me you ARE what you eat.
The ones I love best. the families with lots of fruit and veggies and whole grains...the little kids with rosy cheeks and bright eyes.
Ok. I should tie this up. Bottom line. A treat is great now and then but its important to care. To take care of the people we love...and even the people we just met. Its important to care about the planet and animals and our own self. I'm not perfect. I have issues. But I'll save that for another blog....maybe.
thanks for reading.

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